List of All Affiliated Colleges of the Purnea University, Arts, Science, Commerce, B.Ed Colleges



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Here is the list of the All colleges of the Purnea University. All colleges are divided in to categories.

  1. Constituents Colleges List
  2. Affiliated College List
  3. B.Ed College List
  4. Professional Colleges

There are total 46 Colleges are in this University. In which 13 are Constituents Colleges, 19 are affiliated Colleges, 7 are B.Ed Colleges and 7 are professional college. All Colleges Name are listed below.

Colleges :

Constituents College List :

  1. Purnea College, Purnia
  2. Purnea Mahila Mahavidyalya, Purnia
  3. M.L. Arya College Kasba, Purnia
  4. G.L.M. College, Banmankhi, Purnia
  5. R.L. College, Madhavnagar, Purnia
  6. D.S. College, Katihar
  7. MJ.M. Mahila College, Katihar
  8. RDS College, Salmari
  9. KB Jha College, Katihar
  10. Forbesganj College, Forbesganj, Araria
  11. Araria College, Araria
  12. Marwari College, Kishanganj
  13. Nehru College, Bahadurganj, Kishanganj

Affiliated Colleges List : 

  1. S.N.S.Y. Degree College, Rambagh, Purnia
  2. N.D. College, Rambagh, Purnia
  3. R.K.K. College, Purnia
  4. P.S. College, Harda, Purnia
  5. B.N.C. College, Dhamdaha, Purnia
  6. A.J. Mahila College, Banmankhi, Purnia
  7. S.R.C Degree College, Kishanganj, Katihar
  8. R.Y. Degree College, Manihari, Katihar
  9. B.M. Degree College, Barari
  10. Balrampur Degree College, Balrampur
  11. B.D. College, Barsoi
  12. Y.N.P. Degree College, Raniganj
  13. K.D. College, Raniganj, Araria
  14. J.D.S.S. Mahila College, Forbesganj
  15. M.L.D.P.K.Y. College, Araria
  16. Alsams Millia Degree College, Kishanganj
  17. Peoples College, Araria
  18. R.K.S. Mahila College, Kishanganj
  19. M.H.A.N.D. College, Thakurganj, Kishanganj

B.ED Colleges List :

  1. M.F.A.A. B.Ed. College, Rambagh
  2. Swadeshi B.Ed. College, Maranga
  3. D.S. College (B.Ed. Department)
  4. S.M. B.Ed. College, Rampara, Katihar
  5. Kitihar B.Ed. Teacher Training College, Katihar
  6. K.S.T.T. College, Nista, Dadwa, Katihar
  7. Forbesganj B.Ed. College, Forbesganj, Araria

Professional  Affiliated Colleges :

B.Tech Colleges :

  • M.I.T. College, Rambagh
  • K.C.E.T. College, Kishanganj

Medical Colleges :

  • M.G.M. Medical College, Kishanganj
  • Katihar Medical College, Katihar

Law Colleges :

  • B.M.T. Law College
  • C.K.M. Law College, Araria
  • Surya Dev Law College, Katihar

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