List of Commerce Colleges in Purnea University Araria, Katihar, Kishanganj, Purnea


Purnea University

List of Arts Colleges in Araria, Katihar, Kishanganj, Purnea

The Students who wants to Admission in Commerce Department through Purnea University, they can see the list of Commerce Colleges which is listed below :

Sl# University Name District College Code College Name Stream Hons. Subjects
1 Purnea University Araria 070613003 A .M Degree College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
2 Purnea University Araria 070613002 Araria College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MARKETING
3 Purnea University Araria 070213001 Forbesganj College, Forbesganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
4 Purnea University Araria 070213002 J.D.S.S Mahila College, Forbesganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
5 Purnea University Araria 070413001 K. D College, Raniganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
6 Purnea University Araria 070613004 Peoples College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, MARKETING, CORPORATE
7 Purnea University Araria 070413002 Y. N.P College, Raniganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
8 Purnea University Katihar 101313001 B. D College , Barsoi Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
9 Purnea University Katihar 100853001 bhagwati mandir college, barari Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
10 Purnea University Katihar 100613001 D.S college, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
11 Purnea University Katihar 100613003 K.B Jha College, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
12 Purnea University Katihar 101513001 R.Y College , Manihari Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, MARKETING
13 Purnea University Katihar 100613004 Sitaram Chamaria Degree College, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
14 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713002 M.H.A.N.D College Thakurganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
15 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713001 Marwari College, Kishanganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
16 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713003 R.K Saha womens College, Kishanganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
17 Purnea University Purniya 090313002 B. N. C. College , Dhamdaha Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
18 Purnea University Purniya 091213001 M. L. arya college Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
19 Purnea University Purniya 091413003 N.D College , Rambagh Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
20 Purnea University Purniya 091453001 Parmanand Savitri degree college Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
21 Purnea University Purniya 091413001 Purnea College, Purnea Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
22 Purnea University Purniya 091013002 R.K. K. College, Purnea Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
23 Purnea University Purniya 090313001 R.L college, Madhawnagar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
24 Purnea University Purniya 091413004 S. N. S. Y College Rambagh Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE

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