Staff Directory of Purnea University
SL. Designation Name Email Contact NO
1 Vice-Chancellor Prof. R. N. Yadava [email protected]
2 Pro-Vice-Chancellor
3 Financial Advisor Sri Indra Kumar [email protected] 9471006940
4 DSW Prof. Margoob Alam [email protected] 9472837638
5 Proctor Sri D.K. Jha [email protected] 7004399165
6 CCDC Dr. S.N. Suman [email protected] 9430277848
7 Registrar Dr. Ghanshyam Roy [email protected]
8 Inspector of Colleges (Arts & Commerce) Dr. Patwari yadav [email protected] 9470023117
9 Inspector of Colleges (Science)  
10 Finance Officer Arvind Kumar Mishra [email protected] 9897235100
11 Controller of Examination Sri  Binay Kumar Singh [email protected] 9431869186
12 Estate Officer Dr. Patwari yadav [email protected] 9470023117
13 Deputy Registrar (Admin) Dr. Patwari yadav [email protected] 9470023117
14 Deputy Registrar (Academic) Dr. Manoj Kumar [email protected]
15 Deputy Registrar (Legal) Shri Dhananjay Kumar Yadav [email protected] 9431291878
16 Deputy Registrar (Registration) Sri. Suresh Mandal [email protected] 9934259784
17 Assistant Registrar (Admin-1) Dr. Manish Kumar Singh [email protected] 9431610311
18 Assistant Registrar (Admin-2) Mr. Manmohan Krishan [email protected] 9711483189
19 Assistant Registrar (RAC) Dr. Shweta Kumari [email protected] 9336340307
20 Deputy Proctor
21 Dean, Science Prof. Anjani Mishra [email protected] 8210498895
22 Dean, Humanities Prof. Mithilesh Mishra [email protected] 8002850355
23 Dean, Social Science Prof. Margoob Alam [email protected] 9472837638
24 Dean, Commerce Prof. J L Roy [email protected] 9113343263
25 HOD, Bengla Dr. Kameshwar Pankaj(In – Charge) [email protected] 9123162131
26 HOD, Botany Prof. Anjani Mishra [email protected] 8210498895
27 HOD, Chemistry Dr. B L Bishwas [email protected] 9470206642
28 HOD, Commerce Prof. J L Roy [email protected] 9113343263
29 HOD, Economics Dr. Krishna Deo Poddar [email protected] 9430874582
30 HOD, Education Dr. Vipin Kumar Singh [email protected] 9468390122
31 HOD, English Prof. S L Verma [email protected] 9470262696
32 HOD, Geography Rhicha Jyotsna [email protected] 9065557179
33 HOD, Hindi Dr. Kameshwar Pankaj [email protected] 9123162131
34 HOD, History Prof. Arvind Kumar Verma [email protected] 8809685007
35 HOD, Home Science Dr. Tuhina Vijay [email protected] 9934259403
36 HOD, Maithili Prof. Birendra Nath Jha [email protected] 9430560751
37 HOD, Mathematics Dr. Ashwini kumar mishra [email protected] 9470623043
38 HOD, Philosophy Dr. Binodanand thakur [email protected] 9430032391
39 HOD, Physics Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha [email protected] 6204927373
40 HOD, Political Science Prof. Margoob Alam [email protected] 9472837638
41 HOD, Psychology Santosh kumar singh [email protected] 9934695598
42 HOD, Sanskrit Prof. Mithilesh Mishra [email protected] 8002850355
43 HOD, Sociology Dr. Anil Jha [email protected] 8789277969
44 HOD, Urdu Dr. Md. Sadique hussain   9734491303
45 HOD, Zoology Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary [email protected] 7250822403
46 Nodal Officer Students Grievance Cell Prof. Anjani Mishra [email protected] 8210498895
47 Nodal Officer OFSS, Entrance Exams, Sports
48 Nodal Officer B.ED. Dr. Vipin Kumar Singh [email protected] 9468390122
49 Nodal Officer, Anti Ragging  
50 Nodal Officer, Bihar Student Credit Card Scheme  
51 Sports In-chrage Prof. S. K. Suman [email protected] 9431437442
52 Principal, Araria College, Araria Mr. Ashok Pathak [email protected] 7903513692
53 Principal, D.S. College, Katihar Prof. Sanjeeva Kumar [email protected] 7903021574
54 Principal, Forbesganj College, Forbesganj Dr. Pawan Kumar Mallick (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 6299585611
55 Principal, G.L.M. College, Banmankhi Dr. Anant Gupta (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 9431685910
56 Principal, SD Govt. Degree College, Baisi Dr. Narendra Kumar (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 9470885976
57 Principal, SD Govt. Degree College, Dhamdaha Dr. Shyam Kumar (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 6202266815
58 Principal, KB Jha College, Katihar Dr. Harendra Kumar Singh [email protected] 9835433927
59 Principal, M.J.M. Mahila College, Katihar Dr. Ramesh Kumar Singh (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 9473073652
60 Principal, M.L. Arya College, Kasba Dr. Rita Sinha [email protected] 9334780262
61 Principal, Marwari College, Kishanganj Dr. Uday Chandra Yadav (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 9430874404
62 Principal, Nehru College, Bhadurganj ‎Dr. Md. Zamirul Alam (Prof. In-Charge) [email protected] 9431232044
63 Principal, Purnea College, Purnia Dr. Md. Kamal [email protected] 9523511961
64 Principal, Purnea Mahila College, Purnia Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh [email protected] 9431867283
65 Principal, R.D.S College, Salmari Dr. Prabhu Kant Jha rd[email protected] 8051914001
66 Principal, R.L. College, Madhavnagar Dr. Dipali Mandal [email protected] 9006724085
67 Principal, A.J. Mahila College, Banmankhi
68 Principal, Alsams Millia Degree College   8002019615
69 Principal,B.D.College, Barsoi Kuddus Ali [email protected] 6294381627
70 Principal, B.M. Degree College, Barari Md. Hakimuddin [email protected] 9931888652
71 Principal, B.N.C. College,  Dhamdaha  Sri Girish Kumar Singh [email protected] 9472851190 9430637116
72 Principal, Balrampur College, Balrampur  Shri Rameshwar Singh [email protected] 9430007019
73 Principal, J.D.S.S.M. College, Forbesganj Sri Ram Sundar Shah [email protected] 8051439418
74 Principal, K.D. College, Raniganj  Dr. Jai Prakash Malik [email protected] 9430687939
75 Principal, M.H.A.N.D. College, Thakurganj Mr.Abrar alam [email protected] 9939216331
76 Principal, M.L.D.P.K.Y College, Araria  Sri Indu Kumar [email protected] 9771238892
77 Principal, N. D. College, Rambagh, Purnea Dr. Javed Ahmad [email protected] 9572205208
78 Principal, P.S.D. College, Harda, Purnea  Sri Shiv Kumar [email protected] 9128550908
79 Principal, Peoples College, Araria MD. Mahfooz Alam [email protected] 9162064175
80 Principal, R.K.K. College, Purnea  
81 Principal, R.Y. Degree College, Manihari Sri Miranand Mishra [email protected] 7903880757
82 Principal, R K Saha Women’s College, Kishanganj Sri BK Nayak [email protected] 9431267407
83 Principal, S.N.S.Y. Degree College, Rambagh Dr. Shyama Nand [email protected] 9934276338
84 Principal, Sitaram Chamaria, Degree College, Katihar Sri Jaychand Prasad Shah [email protected] 9430910079
85 Principal, Y.N.P. Degree College, Raniganj Dr. Ashok Kumar Alok [email protected] 9973893529
86 Principal, B.M.T. Law College, Purnea Sri Ashutosh Thakur [email protected] 9199470443
87 Principal, C.K. M. Law College, Araria Prof. Arjun Acharaya [email protected]
[email protected]
88 Principal, S.D. Law College, Katihar Prof. R.K. Gupta [email protected] 7549539180
89 Principal, Department of Education (B.Ed), D.S. College, Katihar  
90 Principal, Department of Education (B.Ed), Forbesganj College, Forbesganj Dr. Vipin Kumar Singh (H.O.D.) [email protected] 9468390122
91 Principal, Katihar Teachers Training College, Katihar Dr. Md. Baharduddin [email protected] 9471037022
92 Principal, Khawaja Shahid Hussain Teachers Training College, Katihar Dr. Achuyt Kumar Singh [email protected] 9430422594
93 Principal, Millia Fakhrudddin Ali Ahmad B.Ed Teachers’s College Training College, Rambagh, Purnia
94 Principal, Millia Kaniz Fatima Teacher’s College, Purnea Dr. Shambhavi Kumari [email protected] 9934515019
95 Principal, Millia Teachers’s Training College, Purnea Dr.Azimur Rahman [email protected] 7766841824
96 Principal, Seemanchal Minority B.Ed College, Katihar Dr. Raj Narayan Awasthi [email protected] 9431639786
97 Principal, SRP Teachers’s Training College, Purnea Dr. Pankaj Kumar (Principal-In-Charge) [email protected] 7004873827
98 Principal, Swadeshi College of Education, Purnia Dr. Binay Kumar [email protected] 7004101616
99 Millia Institute of Technology, Rambagh, Purnea Dr. Arvind Anand [email protected]
[email protected]
100 Millia Kishanganj College of Engineering & Technology Kishanganj Md. Jawed Eqbal [email protected] 7782092604

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