LNMU – D. B. College, Jainagar

• D. B. College, Jainagar

 D. B. College, Jainagar

• D. B. College, Jainagar

About us :

Keeping the betterment of the students when it comes to academic, physical and mental progress paramount is D.b.college in Madhubani. From the moment it laid its foundation in the ground the establishment became a recognised educational institute in the city. Its eminence lies not just in the academic success of its students but also in their all round personality and enhanced sense of maturity at a young age. The place was set up with the sole intention of taking upon itself the responsibility of crafting more intelligent and intellectual human beings. Widening their horizon when it comes to their studies as well as their code of conduct when interacting with fellow mates, the college takes the initiative of molding them into better citizens. Overlooking the heart of the city, the college is considerably convenient for a number of its students. Being in an area that is well connected also adds to its advantage.

Our Courses :

Itermediate (10+2) Courses

Subject Type Faculty Subject Marks
Compulsory Art, Science and Commerce 1. NRB 50
Maithili / Urdu / Alt English 50
2. Language- Hindi / Maithili / Urdu / Sanskrit / Farsi / English 100
Subsidiary Art Economics 100
Music 100
Geography 100
Philosophy 100
History 100
Maths 100
Poltical Science 100
Sociology 100
Psychology 100
Home Science 100
Science Physics 100
Chemistry 100
Biology 100
Maths 100
Commerce Accountancy 100
Business Study 100
Economics / IPS 100
Additionl Subject Student can select 1 subject form Art, Science and Commerce.

Bachelor (Degree) Courses

Subject Type Faculty Subject





Compulsory Art, Science and Commerce NRB 50
Maithili / Urdu / English 50
Language- Hindi 100
Subsidiary Art Economics 200 100
Music 200 100
Geography 200 100
Philosophy 200 100
History 200 100
Maths 200 100
Hindi / Maithili / Urdu / English / Sanskrit / Farsi 200 100
Labour and Social Welfare 200 100
Ancient Indian History 200 100
Sanskrit 200 100
Poltical Science 200 100
Sociology 200 100
Psychology 200 100
Home Science 200 100
Science Physics 200 100
Chemistry 200 100
Maths 200 100
Zoology 200 100
Botany 200 100
Commerce Accountancy 200 100
Principle of Business Management 200 100
Business Economics 200 100

Note:- 1. Students can select any one Hons. Paper from above degree subject for 200 marks and aslo select 2 Subsidiary subject from above degree subject for 100+100 marks.

Contact us :

Address: NH105,
Jaynagar, Bihar 847226

Phone: 06246 222 076

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  1. Mujhe DB college jaynagar ki 2019-2022 ki roll no chahiye , is baar jo past part ka result aaya h wo check krna h, mera ek dost tha jiska death ho gya h wo is baar exam diya tha 1st part ka result aa gya h kisi ka roll no ptaa chal jayega toh usse aage mai check kr lunga name dekh ke
    Plz mujhe is session ke kisi bhi bache ka roll no send kriye

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