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Patliputra University, Patna

Old bypass Road, Kankarbagh, Patna-800 020, Bihar (India).

Patliputra University, Patna was established on 18th March, 2018, by the order of the Government of Bihar, vide Letter/memo no. 15/M1-71/2016-700, dated 09.04.2018. All the colleges of Patna and Nalanda districts, Bihar (India), fall under the jurisdiction of the Patliputra University except those attached to the Patna University. The University has control over 25 constituent colleges, two government girls colleges, three minority colleges and a number of affiliated colleges. Many of these colleges are running university-approved post-graduate centres in various subjects besides skill-oriented courses in vocational and technical/professional areas. These affiliated units are governed by their governing local bodies and duly constituted management board approved by the university.

List of Affiliated Colleges in Patliputra University :

SN College Code College Name Principal / Prof. Incharge Tel. No. Mobile No. Email Website Details
1 PPU- 440 Arcade Business College, Khagaol Road, Patna Details
2 PPU- 439 Arcade Business College, Rajendra Nagar, Patna Details
3 PPU- 401 B B M B G Kanya College Dr. Anita Singh . 9931848184 anitasingh1[email protected] . Details
4 PPU- 402 B L P College, Masaurhi Dr. Sadhu Saran 7779810860, 9934910373 [email protected] Details
5 PPU- 441 Bansropan Ram Bahadur Singh Yadav College, Kanhauli, Patna Dr. Umesh Prasad 9835208124 [email protected] Details
6 PPU- 404 Chandradeo Prasad Verma College, Simri, Patna Dr. Ramesh Prasad Verma 9234741349 [email protected] Details
7 PPU- 405 D N College, Masaurhi Dr Anil Kumar Sinha 9431492159, 7739606956 [email protected] Details
8 PPU- 442 Dr. C P Thakur College, Naubatpur, Patna Dr. Vinay Kumar Sinha 9801699366 [email protected] Details
9 PPU- 407 Dr. Ram Raj Singh Mahila College, Nalanda Dr. Satyendra Kumar 9939000525 [email protected] Details
10 PPU- 409 Jyoti Kunwar College, Fatehpur, Patna Dr. Rajesh Ranjan Singh 8002232318 [email protected] Details
11 PPU- 411 Kameshwar Prasad Singh College, Nadwan Dr. Shashi Kant Sharma 9934714951, 9931881349 [email protected] Details
12 PPU- 412 L P Shahi College, Patna Dr. Sunil Kumar Upadhyay 8051959688 [email protected] Details
13 PPU- 417 P L S College, Masaurhi Dr. Damodar Pd. Singh 9835202180 [email protected], [email protected] Details
14 PPU- 419 P N K College, Achhua Dr. Sachchida Nand Prasad 9931915768 [email protected] Details
15 PPU- 420 Patna Muslim Science College, Patna Md. Firoz Alam 9431280954 [email protected] Details
16 PPU- 438 R P College, Datiyana, Bikram Dr. Sapna Kumari 9905651095, 9931850971 [email protected] Details
17 PPU- 422 R L S Y Collge, Anishabad, Patna Dr. Raj Kishore Prasad 8409408195 [email protected] Details
18 PPU- 424 R P S College, Bailey Road, Patna Dr. Kumar Pushpunjay 06115 – 234060 9934617615 [email protected] Details
19 PPU- 426 R P S Mahila College, Bailey Road, Patna Dr. Anju Verma 06115 – 234056 9570220823 [email protected] Details
20 PPU- 443 R.L.S.Y College, Paliganj, Patna Dr. Ranvijay Mistri 9431472842 [email protected] Details
21 PPU- 427 Ram Roop Prasad College,Patna Smt Lalti Sinha 9304733890 [email protected] Details
22 PPU- 428 S K M V College, Fatuha Dr. Raghubansh Prasad 9955794705 [email protected] Details
23 PPU- 429 S N A Evening College, Barh Dr. Syed Imtiyaz Ahsan 9576838335, 9430212892 [email protected] Details
24 PPU- 431 Sir Ganesh Dutt Memorial College, Patna Dr. Shudarshan Sharma 9431432403 [email protected] Details
25 PPU- 403 Sri Bhuwaneshwari Raja College, Barh, Patna Dr. Braj Bhushan Sharma 7903938471 [email protected] Details
1 PPU- 406 Deo Sharan Women’s Evening College, Sohsarai, Nalanda Dr. Namita Sinha 7488171728 [email protected] Details
2 PPU- 408 G D M College, Harnaut Dr. Shambhunath Pd. Sinha 9931025084, 9471697855 [email protected] Details
3 PPU- 410 K S T College, Sohsarai Dr. Ashok Kumar 9430567174 [email protected] Details
4 PPU- 413 Lal Singh Tyagi Gramin College, Nalanda Dr. Birendra Pd. Singh 9334447833 [email protected] Details
5 PPU- 414 Magadh Mahavidyalaya, Chandi, Nalanda Dr. Swarn Kiran Sinha 9234515853 [email protected] Details
6 PPU- 415 Mahabodhi Mahavidyalaya, Nalanda Dr. Arvind Kumar 9835624296, 9199432830 [email protected], [email protected] Details
7 PPU- 416 Nalanda Sodh Sansthan Dr. Rakesh Ranjan Prasad 9234736024 [email protected] Details
8 PPU- 418 P M S College, Paharpura Dr. Biraj Nandan Pd. 9304524711, 9304129307 [email protected] Details
9 PPU- 421 R Lal College, Nalanda Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh 7979905751 [email protected] Details
10 PPU- 423 R LS Y College, Nalanda Sri Vijay Kumar Yadav 7549523491 [email protected] Details
11 PPU- 425 R P S College, Harnaut Dr. Upendra Kr. Sinha 9973119505 [email protected] Details
12 PPU- 430 S P College, Hilsa Dr. Surendra Pd. Singh 9472472803 [email protected]


13 PPU- 434 Sadanand, College, Biharsharif, Nalanda Dr. Tribhuti Bhushan Prasad 9234423265 [email protected] Details
14 PPU- 432 Snatak College, Nalanda Dr. Arjun Prasad Sinha 7050214221, 7739179425 [email protected] Details
15 PPU- 433 Vardhman Mahavir College, Pawapuri Sri Chandra Bhushan Prasad Singh 9431060497 [email protected], [email protected]

List of Minority Colleges :

SN College Code College Name Principal / Prof. Incharge Tel. No. Mobile No. Email Website Details
1 PPU- 229 Oriental College, Patna City Dr. Faiz Ahmad 0612-2632345 9431493228 [email protected], [email protected] Details
1 PPU- 230 Sogara College, Biharsarif Md. Saghiruzzaman 06112-231312 9308619563, 9234174520 [email protected] Details
2 PPU- 228 Allama Iqbal College, Biharsharif Dr. Abdul Moid Karimi 06112-232445 9431409227, 7250281946 [email protected]

List of Constituent Colleges :

SN College Code College Name Principal / Prof. Incharge Tel. No. Mobile No. Email Website Details
1 PPU- 201 A N College, Patna Prof. S P Shahi 0612-2540482, (F) 0612- 3251136 9431012332 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Details
2 PPU- 202 ANS College, Barh Prof. Indrajit Prasad Roy 06132-243053, 242216 8083860424, 9431659034 [email protected] Details
3 PPU- 203 B D College, Patna Prof. Sanjoy Kumar 9546391380 9546391380 [email protected] Details
4 PPU- 204 B S College, Danapur Dr. J K Singh 06115-2428611 7250801309 [email protected] Details
5 PPU- 205 College Of Commerce, Arts & Science Patna Dr. Tapan Kr. Shandilya 0612-2350136 9431049871 [email protected] Details
6 PPU- 206 G J College, Rambagh, Bihta Prof. Kamal Dev Sharma 06115-252378 943005569, 7667237413 [email protected] Details
7 PPU- 207 Ganga Devi Mahila Mahavidalaya, Patna Dr. Shyama Roy 0612-2366345, 44 9431451571 [email protected] Details
8 PPU- 208 J D Womens College, Patna Prof. Sudha Ojha 0612-2280666 9473378594, 6207800000 [email protected] Details
9 PPU- 209 Jagat Narayan Lal College, Patna Dr. Nikhil Kr. Singh 06115-230897 9431062520 [email protected], . [email protected], [email protected] Details
10 PPU- 211 M M College, Bikram Prof. Ramesh Tiwari 06135 – 226188 7461925145 [email protected] Details
11 PPU- 212 Mahila College, Khagaul Prof. Bibha Mishra 06115-2428611 7004217025 [email protected] Details
12 PPU- 213 Malti Dhari College, Naubatpur Dr. Kanhaiya Prasad Sinha 06135-266119 9431045912 9801655858 [email protected] Details
13 PPU- 216 R L S Y College, Bakhtiarpur Dr. Pravin Kumar 06132-226257 9431619715 [email protected] Details
14 PPU- 217 R P M College, Patna City Prof. Punam 0612-2641451 09934844871 [email protected] Details
15 PPU- 218 Ram Krishna Dwarika College, Patna Dr. Baliram Singh 8987078083 [email protected] Details
16 PPU- 219 Ram Ratan Singh College, Mokama, Patna Prof. Indrajit Prasad Roy 06132-233187 8083860424,9431659034, 9504163633 (Bur.) [email protected] Details
17 PPU- 220 S M D College, Punpun Prof. Binay Kumar Singh 0612 – 2477240 09431499207 [email protected] Details
18 PPU- 221 Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna Prof. Poonam Chaudhary 0612 – 3266992, 3 9199427066 [email protected] Details
19 PPU- 222 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Patna Saheb Prof. (Dr) Kanak Bhushan Mishra 0612-2641391 9430034632 [email protected] Details
20 PPU- 225 T P S College, Patna Dr. Upendra Prasad Singh 0612-2353295 9431094707 [email protected] Details
1 PPU- 210 Kisan College, Nalanda Prof. M.M. Sharma 06112-225255 9835473275 [email protected] Details
2 PPU- 214 Nalanda College, Biharsharif Dr. Shailendra Kumar 06112-235261 9430213391 [email protected] Details
3 PPU- 215 Nalanda Mahila College, Biharsharif Prof. Anil Kumar Gupta 06112-232208 7654241825 [email protected] Details
4 PPU- 223 S P M College, Udantpuri, Nalanda Dr. Umesh Prasad 06112-225268 9934047268 [email protected], [email protected] Details
5 PPU- 224 S U College, Hilsa Dr. Parmanand Pandit 06111-252232 9430248213 [email protected]

List of Government Colleges :

SN College Code College Name Principal / Prof. Incharge Tel. No. Mobile No. Email Website Details
1 PPU- 226 Govt. Women’s College, Gardnibagh, Patna Prof. Inch. Deepa Bariar 0612-2251777 9430284475 [email protected] Details
2 PPU- 227 Rajkiya Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Gulzarbagh, Patna Dr. Bidhu Rani Sahay Singh 0612-2370423 8986165941 [email protected] Details

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