1.60 Lakhs Vacancies In Bihar Government Health Department Here is all you need to know

1.60 Lakhs Vacancies In Bihar Government

Health Department Here is all you need to know

1.60 Lakhs Vacancies In Bihar Government Health Department Here is all you need to know

Bihar Government Health Department Has told that the government is planning to implement 1.60 lakhs more workers in the health department. Out of this more than 12000 recruitment has already happened in the department of health Bihar Government. For more information visit the official website of the Health Department Government of Bihar at https://state.bihar.gov.in/


Bihar Government Health Department has said that one medical college will be created in each and every district of bihar, The deputy chief minister has also stated that the condition of healthcare in bihar is not good. And to make it good we need a lot of workforce and hospitals with medical colleges to train doctors for the 20 crore population.

Tejaswy Yadav has told that in the past, a requisition regarding reinstatement was sent by the Bihar Government Health Department to the Bihar Technical Service Commission, as a result of which advertisements have been taken out in various newspapers by the Technical Commission to apply for these posts. After the completion of the appointment process from the technical commission, the department will post all in the districts and subdivisions.

While the health facilities in rural areas will be expanded with the appointment of ANMs, the health facilities at the district, sub-division and block level will be even more excellent with the recruitment of technicians. Apart from this, soon the recruitment process for various posts in various departments including Hospital Manager (HM), District Planning Coordinator, Tuberculosis Supervisor (DOTs) and Community Health Manager (CHO) will be completed.

Several departments were also created in the Medical College Hospitals. 

After the Cabinet meeting, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Cabinet, S. Siddharth said that in view of the Kovid-19 as per the criteria of the Medical Council of India, in nine working and eight proposed Medical College Hospitals of the State, the Cabinet has approved Emergency Medicine, Hospital Management, Sanction has been given for the creation of departments of Health Administration, Immuno Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Critical Care Medicine, Virology and Sports Medicine. Along with this, Bihar Government Health Department approval has also been given for the creation of 2673 posts for the newly formed departments. He said that the proposal to create a total of 7987 posts has been approved in Tuesday’s meeting.

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