What is Radio Frequency Identification ?

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Radio Frequency Identification


  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)  is a gift of modern technology. Which incorporates the use of electromagnetic and electrostatic , coupling in the radio frequency (RF)portion of the electromagnetic to unequally identify an object , animal and person.
  • RFID is used in place of bar codes in many retail markets globally. The use of this technology is made to keep a tab on animals in the wild , specially the endangered species, and for the management of animals in advance countries.
  • RFID uses communication via radio wave to exchange data between the reader and electronic attached to an object , for the purpose of identification and tracking . some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of site of reader. To understand the technology of RFID , one first need to understand that it is chip-based . In terms of technology RFID has two components. There is a tag with a microchip in it. The microchip in tern is attached to an antenna that pic up signals from and send signals to a reader. The tag contain a unique serial numbers, but may have other information , such as costumer’s account number.
  • Tags come in many forms, such as the smart labels that are stuck on boxes, smart card and key-chain wands for playing for items, and a box that can be affixed to windshield to enable tool connection without stopping a vehicle . RFID tags could be active tags, meaning they may lie dormant and send information of varying degrees and types depending on how to chip is programmed.
  • The use of RFID on humans is however, rare . Indian student on the Try-Valley University, US, which has been declared as a ‘sham’ university, have been required to wear anklet tags to monitor their movements. Many other have been detained and released on band.This has enraged external affairs minister SM Krishna, who has said that the tagging of Indian students is “inhuman and unacceptable”.

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