University Management Information System UMIS across All Universities and Colleges in Bihar

University UIMS system BIhar

university Information mangement system Bihar

University Management Information System, Bihar

Education Department, Government of Bihar is planning to implement University Management Information System UMIS across All Universities and Colleges in Bihar. UIMS System of Bihar will help Administration to Manage all the Data related to University under one Portal.

Benefits of University Management Information System UMIS in Bihar.

  • Students will be get Admission perfectly in any University. UMIS will enable the Information related to all courses running under University and its constituent colleges.
  • We will have perfect Data of Professor and Lecturer i.e Teaching Unit and Non teaching unit in our Universities.
  • Monitoring Body will be empowered with Data to built a better Education environment in Bihar.
  • Exam Results and Programmes will be monitored in better way.
  • Competition will be among Universities to deliver better education Infrastructure.
  • Reviews and Ranking will enable Students to shift better Institutions
  • Most Beneficial will be the Centralised process of Recruitment and Selection from Data of Students i.e Campus Selection.
  • Government will have all Data of Students and their merits

Presently we have many Universities in Bihar and all have their own Rules and Regulation. We are facing shortage of Teaching staff and standard of Teaching is very much low and this will enhance all this.

Well, Government is in Initial process for this and presently carrying out workshop with different companies. UMIS system requires greater frame work and process and this can’t be done easily. well, we are in process and hope this UMIS – University Management Information System will be beneficial for the state. Well, here is Government letter to prove it all.

UIMS automates all the university transactions, internal work flow procedures of a university as well as the interaction with the students, faculty, instructors, non-teaching staff, parents, alumni and the management. The UIMS allows universities to create a more structured organization, increase the transaction handling capacity and improves the system of internal control.

  • Registration
  • Director Office
  • Placement
  • Admission
  • Exam Management
  • Department Management
  • Building Management
  • Research Management
  • Staff Management
  • Advance Scheduling
  • HR Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hostel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Alumni Association
  • Communication System
  • Scholarship Management
  • Certification Management
  • File Movement Management

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2 thoughts on “University Management Information System UMIS across All Universities and Colleges in Bihar

  1. UDANACHARYA VIDYAKAR KAVI Degree College Karama- Alamnagar, Distt-Madhepura (NAAC ACCREDITED) through its IQAC and advisory board under B.N.Mandal University Madhepura has already been decided to take admission and examnation as well as financial management through UIMS as directed by honble VC B.N.M.U madhepura.

  2. From:
    Arun Chopra
    CampusEAI (India) Pvt.Ltd
    Gurgaon, Haryana

    I have personally made more than 40 trips to the 3 important universities in state of Bihar while participating and bidding in the open tender system for UMIS
    Given our more than 20 years of experience in US ONLY in higher education, it surprised me to see very small vendors with no prior experience bidding for a mammoth project warranting international standards of deliverables.
    More concerning was the lack of expertise from the University inviting the bids.
    Here are my few suggestions:
    1. The UMIS deliverables to be in phases well defined.
    2.Noodle officer to be technically well qualified with prior experience.
    3.Only vendors from matrix selected through a committee selection to be allowed participation in bids.
    4.Needs to be a state wide initiative for Bihar initiated thru Governer’s house.
    My personal interest has been only to see one such person to lead the world tech stage from India & that individual could be from Bihar given an opportunity.

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