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Adhaar pay logoAdhaar Pay App ?

It is an App to make payment.Consumer can pay shopkeepers by giving their Adhaar Number or Thumb impression(Biometric).It is the easiest and cheapest mode of payment.It does not require mobile phone to install this App to make payment.Shopkeepers need to install it on their smartphones to get payment and other benefits

Shopkeepers Get Cashback!

Through the scheme of  Adhaar Pay,merchants get cashback on every transaction that makes merchants to use  it more.Two new incentive schemes are also started for this.

Consumers Profit !

Consumers do not require to carry credit/debit card to make payments.According to a report,other charges in making payment are lower than the other Apps and POS machines.And consumer does not require to have smartphone or Internet connection for making payments.

Shopkeepers to do!

To enjoy this service ,every shopkeepers have to install this Adhaar Pay App on their smartphone, then they have to registered themselves by providing Mobile no. and finger print through Adhaar No.

Requirements to make successful transactions :-

  • Customers must have an Bank account linked with Adhaar.
  • Shopkeepers must have Adhaar Pay app, Internet connection ,fingerprint scanner and a Bank account.


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