List of Commerce Colleges in Purnea University Araria

purnea Unversity

purnea Unversity

List of Arts Colleges in

Purnea University Araria, Katihar, Kishanganj, Purnea

Sl# University Name District College Code College Name Stream Hons. Subjects
1 Purnea University Araria 070613003 A .M Degree College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
2 Purnea University Araria 070613002 Araria College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MARKETING
3 Purnea University Araria 070213001 Forbesganj College, Forbesganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
4 Purnea University Araria 070213002 J.D.S.S Mahila College, Forbesganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
5 Purnea University Araria 070413001 K. D College, Raniganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
6 Purnea University Araria 070613004 Peoples College, Araria Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, MARKETING, CORPORATE
7 Purnea University Araria 070413002 Y. N.P College, Raniganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
8 Purnea University Katihar 101313001 B. D College , Barsoi Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
9 Purnea University Katihar 100853001 bhagwati mandir college, barari Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
10 Purnea University Katihar 100613001 D.S college, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
11 Purnea University Katihar 100613003 K.B Jha College, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
12 Purnea University Katihar 101513001 R.Y College , Manihari Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, MARKETING
13 Purnea University Katihar 100613004 Sitaram Chamaria Degree College, Katihar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
14 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713002 M.H.A.N.D College Thakurganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
15 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713001 Marwari College, Kishanganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
16 Purnea University Kishanganj 080713003 R.K Saha womens College, Kishanganj Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
17 Purnea University Purniya 090313002 B. N. C. College , Dhamdaha Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
18 Purnea University Purniya 091213001 M. L. arya college Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
19 Purnea University Purniya 091413003 N.D College , Rambagh Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
20 Purnea University Purniya 091453001 Parmanand Savitri degree college Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
21 Purnea University Purniya 091413001 Purnea College, Purnea Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
22 Purnea University Purniya 091013002 R.K. K. College, Purnea Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE, CORPORATE
23 Purnea University Purniya 090313001 R.L college, Madhawnagar Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
24 Purnea University Purniya 091413004 S. N. S. Y College Rambagh Commerce ACCOUNTING & FINANCE

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