Gems Polytechnic College, Aurangabad

Gems Polytechnic College, Aurangabad

About College:

GEMS POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE is a Chapter in GEMS that runs 110 schools, 4 ITI’s, 1 Nursing School and several skill-based courses in Bihar and neighbouring states. The College was established in 2015 at Aurangabad, Bihar with a noble vision to empower young minds with holistic education and futuristic skills to be a valuable resource for the state and nation. GPC has its approval by AICTE, Delhi and is affiliated to SBTE, Bihar to run five diploma courses namely 1. Mechanical Eng. 2. Civil Eng. 3. Electrical Eng. 4. Electrical & Electronics Eng. and 5. Computer science and Eng.

GPC is unique and highly comprehensive in its range of polytechnic careers to qualifying professionals. It works to encourage innovation and create an impact. In order to accelerate the translation of learnings into applications, GPC by its experience has evolved and grown in constructing the first 3D lab among Polytechnic Colleges in India.

Address :

NH2, Jogiya, More, Ratanpura, Bihar 824121 Phone: 073668  89684
Gems Polytechnic College, Aurangabad Bihar
Gems Polytechnic College, Aurangabad Bihar
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics  Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering

Admission Process:

There are no requirements of ranking or cutoff for the admission held here since the admission is merit-based. Only the students who have 40% aggregate marks in the prescribed main subjects will be selected for the diploma. The admission can be done online or through telephone.


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