Aryabhatt Polytechnic, Gaya

Aryabhatt Polytechnic, Gaya

About College:

ARYABHATT Polytechnic has been established by ARYABHATT FOUNDATION,GAYA(BIHAR) with the felt need of imparting quality education in the field of engineering and technology and to promote the highest standards of technical education in the state. It provides a good learning environment to its students, supported by excellent faculty and state-of- the-art infrastructure. A robust interface with industry is ensured through guest lectures, industry visits and industry training opportunities.

Address : Gaya-Dobhi Rd, Hariharpur, Musatpura, Gaya, Bihar, India, 823004  Phone: 08340624192

Aryabhatt Polytechnic, Gaya Bihar
Aryabhatt Polytechnic, Gaya Bihar
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Admission Process:

Eligibility Criteria

Regular courses:- Must passed 10th

Lateral courses:- Must passed 12th

Admission Criteria

Admission of a student is strictly made through BPTPIA Exam Merit List.


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