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About University :

In 2015, the education minister of Bihar announced that Magadh University (MU) may be divided into two or three universities due to the difficulties faced in managing the colleges of oversized MU. In July month of the same year, then vice-chancellor of MU, Mohammad Ishtiyaque decided to strengthen the Patna branch office of the university to reduce the student’s need to visit the university headquarters situated at Bodh Gaya. As a part of the strengthening process, a committee was set up to monitor the expansion and growth of the Patna branch office. On 30 July 2016, Bihar cabinet passed Bihar State Universities (Amendement) Bill 2016 and approved the creation of Patliputra University by bifurcating the Magadh University. A notice was issued in October 2017 inviting application from candidates for the posts of vice–chancellor and pro–vice chancellor. On 19 March 2018, Bihar Governor Satya Pal Malik appointed Girish Kumar Choudhary and Gulab Chand Ram Jaiswal as the pro–vice chancellor and vice–chancellor of the Patliputra University respectively under the Bihar State University (Amendment) Act 1976.

Website of Patliputra University :

Courses offered

  • BCA – 1850
  • BBA – 100
  • BBM – 1135
  • BSC (IT) – 610
  • EWUM – 78
  • MSPM – 30
  • BILIS – 400

U.G. Course List and Course Duration of the course

1 BCA Bachelor of Computer Application 3 yrs.
2 BBA Bachelor of Business Administration 3 yrs.
3 BBM Bachelor of Business Management 3 yrs.
4 BSc IT Bachelor of Information Technology 3 yrs.
5 BEWM Bachelor of Environmental & Water Management 3 yrs.
6 BIOTECH Bachelor of Bio – Technology 3 yrs.
7 BIMB Bachelor of Industrial Micro Biology 3 yrs.
8 BASPM Bachelor of Advertisement & Sales Promotion &
Sales Management
3 yrs.
9 BTTM Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management 3 yrs.
10 BIOINFO Bachelor of Bioinformatics 3 yrs.
11 BIOCHM Bachelor of Bio – Chemistry 3 yrs.
12 BLIS Bachelor of Library & Information Science 1yr.

Fee Structure:

BCA / B.Sc. IT / BBM / BBA / BEWM / BIOCHM / BIMB / BIOINFO  – ₹ 15,000/- per year
BIOTECH – ₹ 16,000/- per year
BLIS – ₹ 12,500/- per year
BASPM / BTTM – ₹ 6,000/- per year

  • Graduation Merit List of Different Colleges in Patliputra University.

College’s Under Patliputra University

SN College Code College Name Principal / Prof. Incharge Tel. No. Mobile No. Email Website Details
1 PPU-1401 B.L.P. College, Masaurhi Prin. – Dr. Sadhu Saran Sec. – Dr. Dharmbir Prasad 7779810860, 9934910373 Details
2 PPU-1402 Bhuwaneshwari Raja Mahavidyalaya, Details
3 PPU-1403 D.N. College, Masaurhi Prin. – Dr. Anil Kr. Sinha Sec. – Dr. N.K. Yadav 9431492159(W) /7739606956 Details
4 PPU-1404 Kameshwar Prasad Singh College, Nadwan Prin. – Dr. Krishna Kant Sharma 0612 – 29601282960129 943108888499347149519931881349 . Details
5 PPU-1405 L.P. Sahi College, Patna Prin. – Dr. Ram Bachan Rai Sec. – Dr. Bisam Sharma 9431023600/ ————– Details
6 PPU-1406 Oriental College, Details
7 PPU-1407 P.L.S. College, Masaurhi Prin. – Dr. Damodar Pd. Singh Sec. – Dr. Parsh Singh 9835202180/ ————– Details
8 PPU-1408 P.N.K. College, Achhua Prin. – Dr. Jitendra Pd. Sec. – Manorma Devi 9334447341/ ————— Details
9 PPU-1409 Patna Muslim Science College, Patna Prin. – Md. Firoz Alam Sec. – Kashim Raja 9431280954 Details
10 PPU-1410 R.P.S. College, Bailey Road, Patna Prin. – Dr. Mahesh Pd. Singh Sec. – Pushp Ajay 06115 – 234060 9304730966/ ————— Details
11 PPU-1411 R.P.S.Mahila College, Bailey Road, Patna 06115 – 234056 9798999914 Details
12 PPU-1412 S.K.M.V. College, Fatuha Prin. – Dr. Ram Babu Pd. Yadav Sec. – Details
13 PPU-1413 S.N.A. Evening College, Barh Prin. – Dr. Syed Imtiyaz Husain Sec. – 9576838335 9430212892 Details
1 PPU-2401 G.D.M. College, Harnaut Prin. – Dr. Shambhunath Pd. Sinha Sec. – Dr. D.D. Pandey 9931025084 9471697855 Details
2 PPU-2402 K.S.T. College, Sohsarai Prin. – Dr. Ashok Kumar Sec. – Dr. Sarvan Kumar 9430567174 ————— Details
3 PPU-2403 Magadh Mahavidyalaya, Chandi, Nalanda Prin. – Dr. Ayodhaya Prasad Sec. – Hari Narayan Singh 9234515853 Details
4 PPU-2404 Maha Bodhi College, Nalanda Prin. – Dr. Arvind Kumar Sec. – Sarwan Kumar 9835624296 9199432830 Details
5 PPU-2405 Nalanda Sodh Sansthan Details
6 PPU-2406 P.M.S. College, Paharpura Prin. – Biraj Nandan Pd. Sec. – Rajendra Pd. Singh 9304524711/ 9304129307 Details
7 PPU-2407 R.P.S. College, Harnaut Prin. – Dr. Upendra Kr. Sinha Sec. – Sri Sudhir Kumar 9973119505/ ————- Details
8 PPU-2408 S.P. College, Hilsa Prin. – Dr. Surendra Pd. Singh Sec. – Dr. Usha Sinha 9472472803/ —————– Details
9 PPU-2409 Snatak College, Nalanda Details
10 PPU-2410 Vardhman Mahavir College, Pawapuri Prin. – Dr. Chandra Bhushan Prasad Singh Sec. – Dr. Shavitri Devi —————–/ 9431060497
  1. A.N. College, Patna

  • Accorded “Colleges with Potential for Excellence (CPE)Status” thrice since
  •  Accredited with Grade “A” by NAAC in 2005 and 2011 and in 2017 with
    Grade “A” (Third cycle) with C.G.P.A. 3.27/4.
  • A distinguish partner of “Erasmus Mundas, Linnaeus Palme Academic
    exchange programmes” of European Union.
  • U.K. India Education Research Initiatives (UKIERI).
  • collaborations with universities of Europe, U.S.A., South Korea and other countries.

2. A.N.S. College, Barh

  • Run 15 postgraduates and undergraduates programmes and many vocational/ professional courses.
  • Sprawling campus, well-furnished laboratories, adequate infrastructures,
  • spacious class rooms and Girl’s Hostel.
  • Website:

3. Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B+” with CGPA 2.51/4.
  • Offers degree in Bachelor of Arts, Commerce and Science.
  • A premier Girl’s college running Vocational/Professional Courses.

4. B.D. College, Patna

  • NAAC accredited grade ‘B’ with CGPA 2.39.
  • A well known destination for students of Commerce, Arts and Science.
  • Runs multifaceted programs including vocational courses like BCA, BBM, B.Sc(IT), Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology and professional courses.
  • Website :

5. B.S. College, Danapur

  • One of the well acknowledged colleges of Patliputra University.
  • Sprawling Campus endowed with natural surroundings.
  • Runs multifacet programs including many vocational and professional courses.

6. College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna

  •  Re-accredited as Grade “A” in 2014 with CGPA 3.1/4.
  • A distinguished college running numerous P.G., U.G., Vocational/Professional and Add on courses.
  • Robust infrastructures, well equipped laboratories and dedicated set of teachers.
  • Collaborations with NIDAN, NHRDN, ABTF and Konkur University, South Korea.
  • Website:

7. G.J. College, Rambagh, Bihta

  • NAAC accredited college
  • Runs several U.G. Courses in conventional as well as job oriented courses, sprawling campus and good infrastructures.
  • Website:

8. Ganga Devi MahilaMahavidyalaya, Patna

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B” with CGPA 2.46/4.
  • Imparts quality education to girls in Science, Arts, Informational Technology and Management; wellequipped laboratory, computer lab and library.

9. J.D. Women’s college, Patna

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B” with CGPA 2.16/4.
  • A premier women’s college to foster the cause of education for women in the state of Bihar.
  • Runs U.G. and P.G courses alongwith several vocational/Professional courses, well equipped laboratories supported by good infrastructures.
  • Website:

10. Jagat Narayan Lal College, Khagaul, Patna

  • A sub-urban college nurturing the cause of education in remote area with lush green five acres campus.
  • Runs U.G. courses in conventional subjects.
  • Website:

11.  Maltidhari College, Naubatpur, Patna

  • Runs U.G. Courses in 15 subjects including Science, Arts and Vocational.
  • Sprawling campus with adequate infrastructures serving rural as well as shifting urban demographic.
  • Website:

12. M.M. College, Bikram

  • Runs multifacet U.G programs including Vocational courses.
  • Serving rural masses with good infrastructures and a good computer lab and good library.

13. Mahila College, Khagaul, Patna

  • One of oldest and widely acclaimed women’s college in semiurban area running U.G. courses in Science, Arts and Commerce.
  • Lush green campus with requisite infrastructures.
  • Website:

14. Ram Krishna Dwarika College, Patna

  • NAAC accredited college with distinguished faculty members.
  • Runs U.G. courses in Science, Arts, Commerce and Vocational/Professional courses.
  • Website:

15. R.L.S.Y. College, Bakhtiyarpur

  • Runs multifacet conventional and vocational courses.
  • Excellent connectivity, Ecofriendly sprawling campus, good infrastructures, large playground, well equipped halls, spacious classrooms and rich library.
  • Website:

16. R.P.M. College, Patna City

  • Runs U.G. courses in Arts and Science; Committed to the cause of women’s empowerment through access to education.
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus, wellequipped laboratories, seminar hall and central library.
  • Website:

17. Ram Ratan Singh College, Mokama

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B” with CGPA 2.27/4.
  • Runs 12 UG courses in science and Arts serving marginalized population of adjacent rural communities.
  • Website:

18. Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Patna Saheb

  • Runs multifaceted U.G. programs including vocational courses.
  • Good infrastructures having Administrative Building, Conference Room, well-furnished classrooms, two computer labs and good library with reading hall.
  • Website:

19. S.M.D. College, Punpun, Patna

  •  NAAC accredited Grade “B” with C.G.P.A 2.14/4.
  • Offers 12 UG courses in Science, Arts and Vocational courses; serves suburban population of Patna, 6 acres sprawling campus, well equipped laboratories and classrooms.
  • Website:

20. T.P.S. College, Patna

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B” College with CGPA 2.57/4.
  • Runs U.G and P.G. courses in Science, Arts and UG Courses in Vocational One of the premier college of Patna with good infrastructure.
  • Website:

21. Kisan College, Nalanda

  •  A premier college of Nalanda serving rural population.
  • Runs U.G courses in Science, Arts & Commerce and Vocational UG and PG Courses. wellequipped laboratories, computer labs, well developed infrastructures and sports facilities.
  • Website:

22. Nalanda College, Biharsharif

  • NAAC accredited Grade “B” with C.G.P.A. 2.56/4.
  • Having the distinction of being one of the oldest College in Bihar with 144 years of existence.
  • Runs UG and PG courses in Science and Arts and Vocational/Professional streams.
  • 25 classrooms, 4 smart classrooms, 20 tutorial rooms, 20 laboratories, 1 seminar room and 1 committee room.
  • Website:

23. Nalanda Mahila College, Biharsharif

  •  A pioneer Women’s College of Nalanda.
  • Offer U.G. courses in Science and Arts.
  • Website:

24. S.U. College, Hilsa

  • Imparting affordable quality education to underprivileged rural population of Hilsa subdivision in Nalanda district.
  • Offers UG courses in Science, Arts and Vocational Streams.