Magadh University – Bodhgaya

Magad University - Bodhgaya

Magadh University – Bodhgaya


About the University :

Magadh University was established on 1st March, 1962. It is the largest university of Bihar situated in a sprawling campus of 460 acres of land enjoying the spiritual breeze of the Bodhi Tree which enlightened Lord Buddha. Dr. Sarvapali Radhakrishnan, the then President of India laid the foundation of this university. Dr. K.K Dutta, renowned Historian was the Founder Vice-Chancellor of this University.

It imparts Post- Graduate teaching in the Faculties of Humanities, Science, Commerce, Management and Vocational in 29 Subjects. It offers hostel facilities to all students in nine hostels. In almost every faculty state and National Level Seminars are organized regularly. There are 44 constituent and 105 affiliated colleges under this University. The quality of teaching, discipline and secular atmosphere attract foreign students every year which has offered a global halo to the University.

The distant mode of education system has launched dozens of Diploma and Degree courses catering to the need of needy aspirants. The college of Hotel, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Academy of Foreign Languages & Cultural Cooperation, Institute of Physiotherapy, Institute of Reconstruction & Development Management and Department of Education are the job-oriented courses which captivate the attention of learners. The university is proud of enjoying the academic zeal, broad-mindedness and multi-dimensional vision of Dr. Prof. Mohammed Ishtiyaque, Vice-Chancellor, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya who’s every throb of heart pulsates with musical rhythm marching ahead in search of global peace culminating into spiritualism.

Affiliated Colleges in Magadh University :

• A.M. College, Gaya

• A.N.S College, Nabinagar

• A.N. College, Patna

• Arvind Mahila College, Patna

B.D Evening College, Patna

• B. S College, Danapur, Patna

• College of Commerce, Patna

• A.N.S College, Barh, Patna

• Daudnagar College, Daudnagar

• G. B M College, Gaya

• Gaya College, Gaya

• Ganga Devi Mahila College, Patna

• G. J College Rambagh, Bihta, Patna

• J. J College, Gaya

• J. D Womens College, Patna

• J. N.L College, Khagaul, Patna

• Kishori Sinha Mahila College, Aurangabad

• K.L.S College, Nawadah

• Kisan College, Sohsarai

• Mahila College, Khagaul, Patna

• M. D College, Naubatpur, Patna

• M. M College, Bikram, PatnaPatna

• Nalanda College, Biharsarif

Affiliated Colleges:

Jehanabad District:

• A.N.S. College, Jehanabad

• B.B.M. College, Okari

• Fathehput Sanda College, Arwal

• Jehanabad College, Jahanabad

• Madhav College, Nehalpur

• R.L.S.Y. College, Jehanabad

• R.C.S. College, Kurtha

• S.K.M. College, Jehanabad

• S.J.S College, Kurtha

• Abdul Kayarn Ansari College, Jehanabad

• Magadh College, Sakurabad, Jehanabad

Aurangabad District:

• A.N.S.M. College, Aurangabad

• Dr. K. K. Mandal College, Daudnagar

• Dr. V. K. Singh College, Rafiganj

• K.S.Y. College, Barun

• Mahila College, Daudnagar

• M.P. College, Belsara

• T.B.D.S. Janta College, Goh

Nawadah District:

• Krishak College, Pakriwarama

• Mahila College, Warsaliganj

• S.K.M. College, Nawadah

• S.R.S. College, Nawadah

• Nawadah Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Nawadah

Nalanda District:

 Alma Equbal College, Biharsharif

• Degree College, Islampur

G.D.M. College, Harnaut

• K.S.T. College, Salempur

• L.S.T. College, Angaridham

• M.B. College, Nalanda

• M.M. College, Chandi

• P.M.S. College, Paharpura

• R. Lal College, Alinagar

• R.L.S.Y. College, Biharsharif

 R.P.S. College, Harnaut

• Soghra College, Biharsharif

• S.P. College, Hilsa

• Sadanand College, Biharsharif

• V.M. College, Pawapuri

• Dr. Ram Raj Singh Mahila College, Chandi

• Nalanda Sodh Sansthan

• S.H. Mahila College, Hilsa

Gaya District:

• B.N. College, SobhBarachati

• C.S. Janta College, Gaya

• Gaya Eve. College, Gaya

• M.S.Y. College, Gaya

• Mahila College, Tekari

• M.G. College, Gaya

• Mahavir College, Gaya

• Mabodhi College, Belaganj

• R.L.S.Y. College, Gaya

• S.D. College, Paraiya

• S.M. College, Bodh-Gaya

• S.G.M. College, Gaya

• Wazirgan College, Warzirganj

Patna District:

• B.R.S.Y. College, Kanhauli

• B.B.M.B.G.K. College, Bihta

• B.L.P. College, Masauri

• C.M. Mahila College, Patna

• Daymanti Devi Mahila College, Patna

• Danapur Degree Mahila College, Danapur

• D.N. College, Masauri

• Firoz Gandhi College, Karbighia

• Govt. Girls College, Gardanibagh

• Govt. Girls College, Gulzarbagh

• Jyoti Kunwar College, Fathehpur

• K.P.S. College, Nadwan

• K.I. Mahila College, Patna

• L.P. Sahi College, Patna

• Muslim Sc. College, Patna

• N.J.S. College, Bakhtiarpur

• Oriental College, Patnacity

• P.L.S. College, Masaurhi

• P.N.K. College, Achhua

• R.P.S. College, Patna

• R.P.S. Mahila College, Patna

• R.R.P. College, Bhergawan

• R.L.S.Y. College, Anisabad

• S.G.D.M. College, Patna

• Sidharth Mahila College, Patna

• S.G. Mahila College, Patna

• S.K.M.V. College, Fathua

• S.B.R. College, Barh

• S.S.D. Mahila College, Barh

• Ramesh Jha Mahila College, Patna

• Bihar Institute of Law

• Buddha Institute of Dental Se

• C.P. Verma College, Sermai, Patna

• K.B. Mahila College, Patna

• Rashmi Devi Smarak Mahila College, Patna

• Nalanda Medical College, Patna

• R.P. Sharma Institute of Technology